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Originally created for a temporary museum exhibition and never intended to be worn as a personal fragrance the character of Craft is illusive, dynamic and exciting, a fragrance for those who stand out from the crowd.

With its icy, metallic opening, the scent deepens in complexity with the introduction of virginian cedar in the middle notes, and a base of patchouli that anchors the fragrance in familiar territory.

An ice-cold missile with a heart of fire, Craft fires into perfumed outer space and zips between planets of scent at light speed.  The dichotomy of it’s cold exterior and the molten fuel core is key to its minimalist, space-age cool; effortlessly fresh and bright yet complicated by sleek metal, boundless aldehydes and the fleeting freeze of ice.

Top Notes: Aldehydes and Ice.

Middle Notes: Cold metal and Cedar Wood.

Base Notes: Elemi and Patchouli.


Brand: Andrea Maack

Eau De Parfum

Perfumer: Anonymous

The striking black bottle and box were designed in collaboration with architecht Maddalena Casadei, with graphic design by Tommaso Garner, who interpreted Maack’s original paintings.