Blog 9
Hi Everyone,
I hope you have all been well.
This week I am following up from my previous blog post focusing on our newest unisex tops to now focus on some menswear shirting styles that have come into store recently. Once again, these pieces can all be worn stand-alone or layered up this Winter under some of the coats and jackets I have previously mentioned. Most are linen styles which can be worn year-round when not worn as a mid-layer. I hope you enjoy!
Firstly, we have my newest favourite, the Fringe Tie Shirt WL.
This is a brand-new re-interpretation of our beloved ‘wrap’ shirt style. Composed of a washed linen, this piece adds some beautiful texture to any outfit. There is a single placket closure at the front with additional drape panels attached at the shoulder seam. These drape panels have the extra added detail of having cosmetic woven, knotted frayed edges. This is my favourite aspect as it creates a perfect juxtaposition to the light-weight linen with weighted edges for a unique fall/drape. It also is a rarely-seen aesthetic detail which certainly stands out in my opinion. There is also a tie-fasting option attached to the panels to wrap the shirt around the torso for alternate styling. It is one of my favourites from our AW23 campaign photoshoot and a perfect shirt for any Et-Al wardrobe.
Patrick and I both wear a size 1 in this style and it can be found HERE.
Secondly, another statement shirt is the Newton Layer Shirt NC.
This one is composed of a washed Cotton weave and has an all-over-print check throughout. Similarly, to the Fringe Tie Shirt WL, it has external panels which tie together at the waist. This Shirt, however, has a central closure instead for a more symmetrical look. The panels extend all the way down to the exaggerated hem-line at the rear also. Regular stand-collar and placket closure at the front for a great, tailored look. Additionally, there are slip-pockets at the side seams for extra storage.
This check has been a popular motif this season and has been featured across many styles in both menswear and womenswear.
There are matching pants which can be found HERE for those of you who want a more cohesive look. A really nice earth-tone patterned shirt which I definitely have my eye on this season. It can be found HERE.
Alternatively; the non-patterned version can be found HERE in Black, the Branson Layer Shirt.
Third, we have another all-over-print shirt. The Monet Tie Shirt MC.
This is a different kind of tie shirt than the first entry. Here, we have, instead of extra panels fastened by a cord, added faux-sleeves which are intended to be tied together. However, there are no rules and the sleeves can be alternatively styled by leaving them untied for some added drapery or by using them as the primary sleeves for a completely different fit.
Aside from this, is a regular collar and placket as per usual. The fabric in this shirt is a durable 100% cotton in a soft green and blue gingham check.
This is one of my favourite new shirting fabrications. We also repeated this fabric across our entire range for easy pairing options. Matching unisex pants can be found HERE. A very unique shirt to step-up your wardrobe. Patrick and I wear a size 1, and it is HERE online. This shape/cut was also made in a pattern-less linen variation like the previously entry, and can be found HERE in Black.
Finally, in Black and Midnight washed linen, is the all-new Aaron Shirt WL.
This shirt is cut to a less-exaggerated length to the others allowing for unique layering options. The washed linen that it is composed of is the same as the Fringe Tie Shirt WL and is just as gorgeous in this style. Here, the main feature is the crescent-cut oversized yoke detail which extends around the torso to the chest.
The chest detailing of this overlay panel is square-cut for an angular look to sharpen any outfit. Also, here, are patch chest pockets for storage and aesthetic to complete the symmetrical look. This shirt is a very flattering cut in my opinion and I hope everyone can feel confident in this option as it is a little more oversized to the others. It looks great with my favourite Presley Pant as styled HERE. The pants can also be found HERE. Anything that seamlessly works with my daily pants is a huge positive in my book. I take a size 1.
I hope some of these pieces intrigue you as they certainly grabbed my attention when they arrived. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will certainly be experimenting with these styles throughout winter and I hope I inspire some of you to do the same.
Have a wonderful day,
Your friend, Sam