Some pieces look great in photos, but how do you get those pieces to work for you for everyday life? 
We've put together a styling guide which may help you work the Elenora Top into your wardrobe.
Styling pieces is all about thinking about your body shape, where you will wear the outfit and your own personal style.
Chris has gone for a 'more is more' approach when styling the Elenora Top.
Embracing volume and wanting to create a dramatic silhouette, pairing it with the Sphere Skirt she has created an elegant but fun look, not to mention being extremely comfortable.
If Skirts aren't for you, you may have a drop-crotch Pant such as our Actor Pant or new Sasha Pant which would be a great alternative.
'There's too much fabric'.
We hear this a lot, and sometimes garments are just not right for you.
But if you do love this piece and find you are being 'swamped' amongst the fabric, try balancing out the proportions of the outfit.
Wearing the Elenora Top with a fitted bottom such as our Cropped Pant highlights the exaggerated fullness of the Top.
For those of you who are conscious of your hips, thighs and bottom, the Elenora Top helps disguise these areas and the Cropped Pant works well as it draws the eye down the body.
A highlight shoe also creates a great focal point.
Here Kellie is wearing it over the Tuck Dress.
This is perfect for days when it is still cool and you still need sleeves.
This column-style Dress also helps elegonate the outfit. 
Designed to have a shorter back with fabric draping on the sides, this frames the Tuck Dress details perfectly. 
Sometimes the Top can slide forward, but to ensure you keep that length at the back, just check to see the shoulder seam is sitting on your shoulder.
However you decide to wear the Elenora Top, it is sure to give you lots of fun to wear.
Take it for a spin, give it a twirl, remember fashion should be fun!!
Et Al