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Smart was originally created in 2010 for a scented art-installation, where Maack placed an original drawing cut into individual perfume-blotters signed and numbered in the otherwise empty gallery space.

This show marked the beginning of Maack´s journey into the world of fragrance and a year later Smart became the first ever release by the artist for her eponymous brand. In 2018 the original Smart fragrance was re-launched in her new brand identity. 

At first this scent emits substance and intimacy but as you spend more time and delve deeper the visceral moods unravel, revealing the sensual and the seductive. Smart opens with a luxurious line-up of heady jasmine, luscious vanilla, exotic sandalwood and creamy musk blended carefully with a subtle buckskin leather note that holds the white notes in balance.

Top Notes: Vanilla and Violet Leaf.

Middle Notes: Sandalwood and Jasmine.

Base Notes: White Musk and Buckskin.


Brand: Andrea Maack

Eau De Parfum

Perfumer: Alienor Massenet

The striking black bottle and box were designed in collaboration with architecht Maddalena Casadei, with graphic design by Tommaso Garner, who interpreted Maack’s original paintings.