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Petroleum A modern inception of Oud…

When the Aquilaria tree, a once pale-colored, thriving wood, becomes infected with a type of mushroom, it  defends itself by exuding a dark and rare resin. Oud or Agar wood is born...Traditionally used in Far East lands  and highly esteemed for its aromatic power, it is an essence so fragrant, complex and rich that we imagine it  being used by Arabian Kings. It is a precious gift from the Earth’s naturality.

A symbol of wealth and prosperity, Petroleum is an unexpected essence, once referred to as ‘Black Gold’, it is  rich, dark and mysterious…a miraculous gift from the depths of our Earth. In all of its precious form Oud is  effortlessly felt throughout the fragrance. Woven with Bergamot and Orange its fresh top notes unfold, asser-  tively layered with woody and resinous power. Ozonic floralcy lives at the heart as a mystical rose unveils war-  med ambered stones. An eccentric chypre character exhales narcotic fumes with an intense signature of leather  wrapped in lucid white musk…

It is a potion, a rare elixir that will lead to exalted ecstasy and pure euphoria.

Top Notes: Oud, Bergamot, Aldehyde 

Heart Notes: Rose, Oud, Amber

Base  Notes: Oud, Civet Absolute, Leather,  Patchouli, White  Musk