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SCENT INTENSE becomes a Parfum.

25% stronger in concentration than the original fragrance.

Scent Intense is not just the first perfume created by CoSTUME NATIONAL, it is also the fragrance that best embodies the very essence of its spirit: a rock soul and a defined and sophisticated style.

To celebrate this iconic olfactive creation, Scent Intense becomes a Parfum with this special RED EDITION. The original fragrance, SCENT INTENSE, is strenghtened with a 25% concentration, in order to get a more defined and intriguing perfume.

The marvellous cherry red colour enhances the sensual lines of the bottle while underlining the iconic design object with its curvy and refined character. A real collector’s piece of art.

This incredibly intense warmth releases a mysterious energy impossible to resist.

Unexpected, unmistakable, addictive, Scent Intense is an unquestionable declaration of individuality and seduction.

The iconic bottle is covered with an intense cherry red colour that enhances the uniqueness of its character.

On the mat black box is drawn the unmistakable silhouette of CoSTUME NATIONAL bottle.

Top Notes: Hibisicus

Middle Notes: Jasmine

Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood and Patchouli.


Year: 2018

Brand: Costume National

Perfumer: Laurent Bruyère.