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Alessandro was fascinated by a writer named Venedikt Erofeev who has written about communist power in Russia.

So the story goes.... Working men would have very little money and get paid very little, they would travel for hours and hours on the train to and from work, alcohol was banned, so what these men would do is create a cocktail of alcohol’s with anything they could find or get their hands on from old edt fragrances, shoe polish, cheap beer and mix it all together to get drunk and feel a little relief from their mundane lives. 

His book is called Moscow-Petuski (aka Venedička).

Allessandro wanted to recreate this tasty sensory sensation that was inspired by this time in history and these men.

Baraonda is 100% natural and you can drink this scent if you chose to.

The lid is made up of two different types of cork. The light coloured cork is Italian cork and the dark is Portuguese cork.

Words to describe the scent: Whisky, cognac, smoky, warm and elegant.

As with all Nasomatto fragrances, the whole packaging is made in Italy.



Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri

Year of launch: 2016