Hello, it's Sam from Flinders Lane

Hi guys, my name is Sam and I work at the Et Al Flinders Lane store.
I'll be working on some blog posts to show you how to curate your own Et Al capsule wardrobe, some of my favourite menswear pieces, what's coming and what's new. 
This week I am going to talk in depth about my daily uniform in-store and out. My personal philosophy I associate with garments is assessing their versatility and practicality as I believe the clothes should work for me and not vice-versa. The following fits in with this ethos perfectly.
My first piece I acquired from Et Al was one of their Essentials, the Byron Short, and then also the Lanrick Tank CA.
I was looking for a longer Bermuda style of shorts I could dress up or down with boots or sneakers respectively. The Byron Short has been the perfect option for me in this regard. The Wool/Rayon/Polyester blend fabrication is the perfect composition for an active man like myself. The Wool ensures I know these shorts will stand the test of time, being a durable and easy-care fabric. Combining this with Rayon I can maintain a high level of breathability in Summer to regulate my temperature, as well as insulating me in the cooler months. The added Polyester to this blend enhances its durability even further, helping this garment to maintain its shape and colour over time, preserving the deep black hue of the shorts that I am so fond of. This Short has four front-facing pleats which sharpens its appearance and the sheen of the Rayon and Polyester makes it also a presentable option for most occasions. I can just wear one of our longline button-up Shirts to dress these up if needed.
I do typically pair the Byron Short with my Lanrick Tank as my daily uniform as often as possible in this Summer heat. This tank Tops longline hem keeps my proportions balanced when worn with the dropped crotch of the Byron Short. The cut of this Top has an angular diagonal split hem with a raw finish draws your eye away from the mid-section with a fluid transition into my bottom third. The breathable cotton jersey is relaxed on the body and has a soft hand-feel. It drapes beautifully across my frame and draws attention to my more masculine features. Sometimes I don’t even take this pairing off when I get home – they are just so comfortable!
I know both of these pieces will be with me for a long while and will age gracefully as all great clothing should. You can probably catch me in-store wearing this combination on a hot day nine out of ten times! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I loved expressing my love for these pieces.
If you like any of the pieces I’ve mentioned, click on the below links, or contact me at melbourne@etal-australia.com.

In my next article, I will be discussing how you can build your own personal daily uniform or simply a new foundation to allow for creative layering from a handful of carefully picked ‘essential’ items by Anthony and myself.

Looking forward to sparking a conversation with some of you.