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After I focused my last instalment around light, summer-weight pieces, I thought I would instead now discuss outerwear and layering. Currently, the weather has been consistently getting colder so I have been starting to layer up. Most especially, my daily uniform has re-begun to incorporate my cherished Charlton Coat. Certainly, in recent mornings a coat or warm layers have been necessary in order to stay comfortable. Me, personally am a winter dresser by nature, so I love the feeling of completing an outfit with my favourite jacket. By investing in great quality outerwear, I can maintain my personal style in colder months as well as giving me something to look forward to wearing in the future in warmer months – year after year. Here I will be helping you find the coat/jacket which can invoke similar feelings within yourselves.
Firstly, my absolute favourite which is part of my uniform- the Charlton Coat.
Sharp tailoring, geometric seams, cinched waist, adjustable cowl neck collar and single button closure are some features which I adore. It is constructed in a dense Melton wool-blend and cut to mid-length which is not too snug to allow for some great layering options underneath it. I personally wear this one to work every day and it has been more than perfect for me for those colder mornings and days. I also love the frayed edge seams which give it an aggressive look in my opinion, which for me, is ideal. I talk about this coat a lot! But there is only a few left, so snag one before they sell-out. It is of the best coats we have to offer in my opinion and is surely an essential piece for the upcoming Winter. I take a size 2 in this garment and it is available HERE. We also will be getting a re-cut of this coat in a brand-new fabric for our upcoming Winter season, so that is also something to get excited for.
Secondly, my equal favourite coat we offer is the Archer Coat.
The details on this piece are seemingly endless. This one, made from a Wool/Poly/Rayon blend is a versatile piece for slightly warmer Winter days or colder Spring/Autumn weather. The fabric is light enough to ensure comfortable temperature regulation but still can provide a decent amount of warmth when needed and layered up. It is actually a variation of the same fabric of my 2 favourite pants, the Presley Pant and the Byron Short, however the fabric is intentionally crushed here for a textured look. This also helps with general upkeep as there will never be any danger of over-creasing. The features include a double-breasted button closure with a tie waist detailing, mid-to-full length cut and a hood which can be styled in a multitude of ways. The hood can be positioned as – a hood, as well as an external drape detail or a makeshift scarf-adjacent extra. I love tying the waist detail behind my back to cinch in the shape of the coat for a more anatomical silhouette. However, I do love it tied to the front or hanging freely equally. Pair it with the Marion Shirt and the Presley Pant or the Byron short for a simple winter uniform. I take a size 2 in this coat and can be found HERE.
Thirdly, we have the Hessonite Drape Coat.
This one is a re-cut of one of my favourite pieces in a brand-new linen tweed fabrication. It is a coarse and textured weave which has a lot of character integrated within the fibres. It is lined for extra warmth, but the linen provides extra ventilation when needed. The Corner Jacket, of which it is based on, is sold out, so this is the only available jacket in this wonderful cut. The dual-way zip closure allows for some interesting silhouette alterations when paired with the tie-waist fastening. It also sports a mock-neck for some more aggressive styling as well as extra wind-resistance. Finally, the two external drape panels can be attached onto the jacket itself which creates a cowl-collar when fully fastened. Such an amazing piece which can be easily styled with its matching Hessonite Pants and Hesson Pants as well as any other earth-tone Et Al bottoms you may have. I take a size 2 in this piece and it can be found HERE.
We also have the Macaw Drape Jacket.
This one is similar in styling to the previously mentioned Hessonite Drape Coat, however, this one has alternative fastening and a longer length. It also is made from a checked cotton flannel with a tighter weave. A rich colour palate is used in the inter-woven pattern of this piece which really makes it stand out amongst other options. The mock-neck with dual-zip closure detail is also used here which creates a nice juxtaposition to the longer length in my opinion. The jacket tails’, designed to move anatomically with the wearer, create more depth to the silhouette whilst moving. Lastly, the drape panels exhibited here, can be buttoned onto each other, creating a deep cowl-neck optioned closure. I also take a size 2 for this piece. This can be found HERE and the matching Macaw Pants can be found HERE.
Finally, last but not least, the statement piece of the season – The Obsidian Coat.
This one more or less speaks for itself, however I will give it a brief overview. It is an extremely oversized trench-style padded coat. It is Poly-filled for warmth and then PVC coated for that unique ‘wet-look’ sheen. It has an iridescent shine to the finish which catches and reflects different lights beautifully. Certainly, a dynamic piece. It also has patch pockets and an asymmetrical press-stud closure with tie-waist fastening. The presses can be fastened in many ways for some unique styling opportunities. Also lined in acetate, this piece genuinely feels like carrying around a duvet for a personal and portable cocoon of warmth wherever you go – which also wicks away water. We only cut this piece in a 3 and a 5 which can accommodate 1-2 sizes up from the marked size due to the intentional oversized fit. Don’t wait on this piece as there are extremely limited numbers available. I wear a size 3 and it can be found HERE.
I hope you enjoyed perusing my article as much as I love writing about these wonderful garments and pieces. It would be great if at least one person can find that perfect Winter coat through my assistance.
If any catch your attention please contact me via email, or with any other queries.
Have a wonderful day,
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