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Hope you have all been well. This week I am writing a continuation on my previous blog post. Last entry I spoke about Building Your Own Capsule Collection (Read Here), this will be part two in that series.

I will be expressing my love for some of our ‘essential’ tops to pair with your staple trousers that I have been wearing during these colder days. These, once again have been carefully hand-picked by myself to provide yourselves with a solid foundation to a great, versatile, layered wardrobe!

During these colder months, you will need some longer sleeved tops in order to stay warm. These garments can provide you with comfort and style and serve as your own creative canvas, ready to layer on top of, in this colder period we are in.

Most of our ‘Top’ offerings have an elongated hemline which – when paired with our drop crotch pant silhouettes – create some very unique proportioning.

Changing up your bodily proportions through clothing can be motivated by any number of reasons. Whichever it may be, following my guide is sure to bring something fresh to your wardrobe.

The first top I would love to talk about is the Tyson Crew OR.

This long-sleeve crewneck top is the perfect casual stand-alone top or a great layered option under a jacket. Composed of an organic cotton and spandex blend for comfort - Its detailing is what sets it apart from other similar looking options. Firstly, the added stretch in the composition is an understated addition, allowing the garment to conform to your body – and even more-so in a size down!  The long-line hem is positioned to be perfectly paired with our drop crotch pants with its raw edges providing a subtle-yet-unique transition into your bottom third as the hem frays over time. The sleeves are elongated also, with finished edges designed to sit past your wrist and stack. It’s a nice detail which I personally find attractive in a garment. Certainly, a menswear essential for any Et Al Man. I take a size 2 in this garment, but can very easily fit into a size 1 due to the stretching capability of this piece.

The second tops are quite similar in nature so I will discuss them together. 

The Field Hoodie TA and the Bannon Jumper TA.

Perfect interchangeable garments these are. Filling the role of a casual, warm, throw-on piece which can be worn in or out of the house! They both boast a boxy, angular cut with exposed seam piping details and both are made of a French Terry weave. The Field Hoodie TA has herringbone woven drawcords falling from an asymmetrical front hooded detail. Completing the look is a patch, front-facing kangaroo pocket for extra storage or to keep your hands warm in cooler temperatures. It also has the repeated raw-hem detail motif for that Et Al flair.

The Bannon Jumper TA has many similarities but has an angular raw hem and a crew-neck collar for a less casual look. It can be more easily integrated into a more presentable outfit without sacrificing comfort. The layering possibilities are endless with both of these to create unique shapes around the hem-line pairing either of these with our other tops. Definitely essential pieces and I take a size 2 in both but could easily fit into a size 1!

Finally, I would like to talk about one of our underrated gems. It hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves in the past and I’m here to shine some light on the Lambert Crew MJ.

This 100% Merino Wool long-sleeve Top has an effortless drape and flattering form. Being composed of merino wool fibres as opposed to cotton, it brings different properties upon itself as a long-sleeve. It has better insulation potential as the temperature continues to drop while also remaining a cool option if it warms up due to the thickness (or thinness) of the fibres. Once again, raw hew edging and side seam splits add some character to this lovely garment. The perfect layering piece in my opinion. I take a size 2 in this garment but easily can fit a size 1 also.

One extra option I’ve decided to throw in is the Norther Crew OR.

It has the same fabrication as the Tyson Crew OR with much of the same details but this one has the same finished, asymmetrical, fold over hem as our most-loved Alex Crew.  Another great piece which I adore!

I hope at least one of these garments resonates with you as this cool weather continues.

You can find all of these previously mentioned garments available on our website HERE in the Men’s Essentials section.

Following this guide, I hope you feel that you can have a perfect foundation for your own personal capsule wardrobe which can be worn for years to come.

As always, feel free to reach me via email for any questions or queries:

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