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Building Your Own Capsule Collection: Part One
Hi guys, it's Sam from the Et Al Flinders store. I’m back with my second post. It was so great to hear your feedback and connect with some of you.
After my initial post I wanted to continue to talk about some of my favourite menswear pieces and this edition is a continuation of my ‘Et Al Man’ blog segment.
This is currently my second installment following my previous article discussing my daily uniform in-store and out.
If you haven’t had a chance to read that, you can find it HERE.
Last time I spoke about my own personal essentials which I wear day-to-day and now I will talk about you creating the foundation for your own Et-Al wardrobe to allow you to grow it into a careful curation over time.
I’ve selected some ‘essential’ pieces which are, of course, a must-have for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. I have carefully chosen these pieces to ensure you have a versatile and dynamic wardrobe to help you combat the dip in temperature while still remaining expertly dressed.
This is going to be a ‘Part One’ of a two-part series covering over our ‘essential’ garments.
These garments will form the base for your layering needs when the weather gets colder and can be perfect trans-seasonal wear for those medial temperatures.
Pants and bottoms are the cornerstone of any immaculate wardrobe. In order to take full advantage of our garments layering potential, you will need a pair of trousers with a dropped crotch or a dropped inseam. This is in order to fully balance out your bodily proportions, extending the look of your torso, but not making you look shorter.
For a garment to be considered ‘essential,’ I assess its versatility to be worn multiple ways and with these bottoms you can simply do just that.
The first bottom I would love to discuss is one that I already have done so, in my last post – the Byron Short.
You can find that one HERE.
In regards to other garments I deem ‘essential,’ I will begin with the Helsinki Pant AN.

These pants are a unisex cut, rich with intricate detailing. They have a dropped crotch with a functional longer exposed eleven-button fly which extends down to the just above bottom of the crotch as an extra subtlety. The wide leg and relaxed fit make these some of the most comfortable pants I own. They have a cropped length which, due to the garments paneling, can create a cinched aesthetic from behind the calf which allows them to transition seamlessly into your choice of footwear – I think they look best with pair of black boots with a slim shaft! They can be worn high or low waisted due to the non-restrictive nature of the pant rise and you can practically size up or down in order to fit your body type best and they will still look fantastic. They have two back patch pockets and two front side seam pockets to store plenty of daily necessities. The main attraction to this garment is the 3D front panel detailing which can be situated to lay flatter against the body or flared out for a more experimental and dramatic silhouette. These pants can easily be dressed up or down with the simple addition of one of our shirt offering’s or a casual top respectively. The fabric is also composed of a cotton/elastane blend to ensure all-day comfort and no restriction in any areas of your lower body. A truly magnificent pair of pants which can adapt to any occasion or intended use.

In regards to sizing, I wear a size 2 in this garment and you can find it HERE.

The more practical Et Al Man, I have selected the next pair of pants for – The Bronx Pant.

A simple yet not understated silhouette these pants bring. They are a slim-cut jogger with front-facing pleats and a slightly dropped crotch. Elasticated waist with drawstring fastening and an elasticated cuff at the hem. They also have two rear patch pockets and side seam slip pockets for extra storage on the go. These pants come in two fabric options – the AN and the OL. The AN is a cotton/elastane blend with a crisp and dry hand-feel, similar to a heavyweight poplin weave. Even with the slim cut of the leg, the elastane ensures they will always conform to your bodily movements. The front facing pleats sharpen its appearance to a more refined aesthetic which, paired with the sleek nature of the weave, allow the pair to be dressed up with boots as I so often do, while still retaining the comfort of a casual outfit. The subtle dropped crotch is a very accessible detail to those looking to newly experiment with proportion altering by pairing it with a long-line top or it can serve as a more toned-down option for the layering adept. The OL fabric is a heavy-weight terry fabric with added elastane for a comfortable stretch. These boast the same detailing as the AN counterpart but aimed for a more casual and comfortable look and feel. Similar to your favourite pair of sweatpants, these can fill the same role in your wardrobe as a go-to for a cosy day inside or a casual day out of the house. There are endless styling possibilities for these two options and I certainly regard these as one of our must-haves, available in a choice of fabric that will be suited to everyone – one way or the other.

In these I take a size 2, but due to the drawstring fastening and elasticated waist, sizing is very generous and can fit a range of waist sizes. They can be found HERE for the AN version and HERE for the OL version.

Paired with the new Bannon Jumper, Bronx Pant ANRib Beanie, Ring ASE5 and Tote Bag S14/17 which has just been restocked.

The final pair of pants I would love to communicate with you today is the Dart Pant.

These are a full length, slim fit trouser. Sleek, tailored, refined and smart are my best description of these. They are for the Et Al Man who prefers a dressier appearance. These come accompanied with a visible asymmetrical button closure with internal hook fastening, a higher rise and darting at the crotch and waist for a tailored fit. The fabric for these trousers was made in Japan – a cotton/polyurethane blend. It is a heavyweight cotton flannel with a brushed hand-feel with a polyurethane coating for additional wind and water resistance. These also, like most of our offerings, feature a dropped crotch for comfort, sizing flexibility and added layering potential. The high rise and dropped crotch allow for a high or low waisted fit, so sizing up or down should be no problem for the typical gentleman to fit your needs and your waist. I make these pants my go-to dress option with a button-up shirt and boots for a smart occasion or wear a form fitting knit or t-shirt in a more casual environment. They come with an intentionally long inseam which can be worn as is, or hemmed to your desired length. We do offer an alterations service and you can get your trousers shortened by our most trusted tailor if you so choose. I also often pair these with a cropped blazer such as the Hardy Blazer and a longline top to balance my proportions. These can fall perfectly on some derbies or other dress shoes in your footwear rotation and can be a pair of pants that will last you through many years to come.

I take a size 1 in the Dart Pant but can just as easily wear a size 2 on my lower waist. HERE is a link to this pair of trousers.

Now that the weather is cooling down as we transition into Autumn, I will be getting lots of wear out of my own pairs of these I have discussed. I know I will have no trouble making them work for my needs for any seasons in the upcoming future. I have shown you the versatility and dynamic nature of all of these garments and I hope I can help you with your own personal uniform in the making.

If you have any more queries please contact me at

You can find all of these previously mentioned garments available on our website HERE in the Men’s Essentials section.

In my next discussion with you, I will be gearing my approach to focusing on my selection of tops I regard as ‘essential’ which will pair effortlessly with anything I have showcased previously.

You can find some of these already online also in the Men’s essentials section for a sneak peek on what is to come in the near future.

As always, I hope you enjoyed perusing my article and I wish you all a wonderful day following it.


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