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Paperplane by CoSTUME NATIONAL is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for women and men.

A tribute to the ingenuity of Leonardo da Vinci, an ode to the perfection of origami, a tribute to memory and a sensory experience that insinuates itself into the depths of our senses. Paperplane is the origin of wonder, the dream that becomes possible, the continuous movement that remains suspended in a gasp of the mind, conjuring up ethereal images that have left the desire for lightness, the thrill of defying gravity, of dominating the skies, of imagining the perfect arc, the infinite direction, intact.

The journey is clean, dense with expectations, memories that unite and intertwine, that bring one back to that place of memory where anything is possible. Matter that becomes paper, white that becomes infinite possibility. Without any prejudice, the notes of this fragrance find the same purity that can be encountered there where wonder and innocence reside.

The intensity of paper with its suggestive narrative, reaches the nostrils. As comforting as cotton, as evocative as clean laundry, paperplane leads us to discover a new way of exploring the world of artistic scents, where play becomes art and the olfactory direction steers us through the transparencies of amber, the freshness of musk, the mystery of incense and the intensity of vetiver.

Top Notes: Incense, pepper

Middle Notes: Sage, cypriol, vetiver

Base Notes: Musk, moss, amber


Brand: Costume National

Olfactive Family: Musky

Eau de Parfum

Concentration: 22%

Year of Launch: 2023 

Perfumer: Dominique Moellhausen

Dominique moellhausen is a free spirit. Since childhood she has travelled the world, experiencing the fascinating diversity of fragrances.

A 'traveller of life'. She wants to enjoy the journey, to feel it, to listen to it, developing a unique sensitivity to all the cultures she encounters on her journeys of discovery.