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Unconventional and irreverent, Free d’Homme is the essence of a modern free man. A strong desire to run like a wild horse that comes from dreams and enters violently in the mind desert. The wish to escape breaks out, to live in the pristine plains of the soul in a relaxed way: at ease. He no longer fears change, he wants to get involved and dare. Glam and hard at the same time, the CoSTUME NATIONAL man moves wild with great energy to face his future with shining positivity.

The iconic bottle sculpted by Ennio Capasa draws the lines of the male figure in a minimalism of absolute elegance. The glass is tinged with a transparent, deep saffron yellow that identifies the energy and radiance of rebirth. It is embellished with a silver heat stamped logo.

Top Notes: Lemon Sfumatrice Primofiore, Mexican Lime

Middle Notes: Saffron Flowe, Cyprol

Base Notes: Ciste Absolute LMR, Mystic Incense


Brand: Costume National

Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet