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Blamage means mistake/disgrace in German.

Blamage was created from Alessandro’s mistakes in making his fragrances, all of his so called failures over a year’s period he put into one big jar. A year later he dipped a blotter in and said I am going to make my next scent on my mistakes.

Blamage is about accepting ourselves fully for both our good and bad and from our mistakes can come something beautiful and also success.

Alessandro says we need to stop stressing about being perfect. We are what we are, mistakes/faults and all.

Blamage has a very very long formulation and hundreds of ingredients. He does not disclose the fragrance notes.

The lid and bottle represents a mistake. The white on the wood lid was supposed to be on the base of the bottle and the bottle has a wood grainprint, so it is around the wrong way.

Words to describe the scent: Woody, floral, metallic, sweet, sensual, mysterious and intriguing.

As with all Nasomatto fragrances, the whole packaging is made in Italy.



Perfumer: Alessandro Gualtieri

Year of launch: 2014