On Wednesday the 16th November, we launched the beautiful fragrance brand Laboratorio Olfattivo at our Flinders Lane store.
Before the official event started, our clients were welcomed with champagne and got to mingle amongst eachother, with our designers and the Et Al staff. Some familiar faces, some new, it was a great chance for our clients to meet before we immersed ourselves in divine scents.
Before taking their seats, clients couldn't resist trying on some new SS22 pieces that had just arrived. Nothing like a VIP shopping night!
During the evening, they were also treated to the viewing of SS22 pieces that are yet to be released with the opportunity to pre-order them.
Introducing Laboratorio Olfattivo.
Our Flinders Lane store is the first to release a selection of these scents in Australia and we were extremely privileged to have Lucy Borland on hand to host this event.
Lucy took us on an aromatic journey following the Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel, smelling Et Al's curated selection of the Laboratorio Olfattivo scents, plus Secret Woods and Free D'Homme by CoSTUME NATIONAL.
We all marveled at Lucy's abundant knowledge of fragrance. It's fair to say we could listen to her talk for hours.
To learn how this brand was created, to hear of Lucy's personal stories of her recent trips to Italy meeting the master perfumers themselves, learning about niche fragrances and the quality of the ingredients, it truly was such a special event.
Many of us walked away with some useful fragrance tips and all were encouraged to try a scent that we may not usually choose.
Choosing a new fragrance is a great way to mark a significant time in your life; a new job, a divorce, a new season. Each time you spray this new scent it will take you back to this time in your life just from the memory of the fragrance.
After Lucy's presentation, everyone then sprayed their favourite scents on their skin. We loved the interaction from everyone, smelling eachother to see which suited each individual. After months of isolation and social distancing, it really was something we all needed; human connection.
Such an exciting vibe and a buzzing energy, on a high from beautiful scents.
The hardest part of the night was making decisions; Which one or how many fragrances to purchase.
The event Booking Fee was also redeemed from any purchases on the night.
After months of postponing our plans due to Covid, it was so joyous to have everyone back in store together, relaxed, laughing and bonding over the new scents they had fallen in love with.
A huge thank you to Agence de Parfum, Lucy Borland, Laboratorio Olfattivo and our wonderful Et Al staff who helped make this event happen.
Also thank you to our friendly Flinders Lane neighbours Aesop and Koko Black who recently opened adjacent to us who provided some goodies for our gift bags.
Many of our clients discovered a couple of fragrances for themselves and the feedback for this evening has been incredible.
If you would like to be notified of our next in-store event, email us at and we can keep you in the loop.
If you would like to see our Laboratorio Olfattivo curated selection, head to our fragrance tab on our website HERE.
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