Some of us like gardening, some of us like knitting. One thing Christine loves to do if she has time is to cook.
We recently posted a photo of Christine in her Et Al Top preparing just a 'casual lunch', and we had a lot of responses in our social media messages, so we thought we would let everyone know just what was on the menu!
Christine: ''This is called buying too much food at once and having to use it!!!
So I thought I would cook a delicious lunch as there is nothing better than a feast to keep you feeling good with fresh produce!"
To start, we had Bruschetta; a medley of tomato’s with basil, garlic, olive oil, Reggiano parmesan from Bocciacios in Kew with Giorgio Poeta clove-infused honey from Doc Delicatessen in Carlton.
Who doesn't love Salumi? I get my selection from Foodworks East Ivanhoe.
With our studio in Collingwood, I have been buying my meat from Jonathon's on Smith in Collingwood for years.
This Veal roll was cooked with onion, garlic and fresh rosemary and dry vermouth for 1 and half hours in slow oven.
Nothing says comfort food like mashed potatoes with thyme, butter and olive oil.
Beans with olive oil and garlic and shaved Parmesan.
Carrots glazed in butter and honey.
Red wine St Henri 2016 Shiraz accompanied the meal.
Cheeses from Bocciacios.
This Louis Roederer champagne has been in our cellar for a few years. It has one of the older labels so would be from the mid-2000's to 2015.
Also keeping me occupied is looking at my 100 odd cookery books and thinking it is time to start working my way through them.
We hope you enjoyed! x

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