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Embrace Your Shape!

At Et Al we are so proud of the diverse clientele we have, in fact we love catering clothing for anyone who walks into our store; all body shapes, sizes and ages.

Our goal is to encourage our clients to embrace their body shape and to feel their best.
We know that sometimes it’s not as simple as saying ‘love your body’, but we hope to make people feel confident in who they are, and often your clothing can help determine how you feel.

When going shopping it is helpful to know your body shape, know your assets and what areas you want to enhance and disguise. Analysing your body shape and understanding proportion will allow you to find pieces that best suit you.

In this post we want to show some simple styling tips to create focal points to your look and to change the proportion and balance of your outfit simply by making good styling decisions.

Below we have put together some looks featuring the one size Twister Tunic and Graze Coat.

1. If you’re top heavy or have broader areas, create vertical and central elongating lines to create a more flattering composition.
You can do this by wearing a longer length accessories. Wearing Jackets with a drape collar to frame a long necklace can create length to the look. 

2. If you have an hourglass body shape, don’t be afraid to enhance it by using belts such as our Obi Belt.

3. Garments with flattering drape necklines elongates the body.

Also, with such sculptural and voluminous pieces, people can often feel overwhelmed with so much fabric. Rolling up the sleeves on Jackets is an easy way to balance the excess fabric by showing some skin while also showing a petite and alluring part of the body.

Below we have put together some looks featuring the One Sized Octavia Top and Harlena Skirt.

1. Our Obi Belt is essential to your Et Al wardrobe. It is perfect for creating shape, whether it is worn on the hip or waist.
If you have a short torso, embrace it by tying the Obi Belt on your waistline so you can create the illusion of longer legs.
We have cinched in the waistline with the Obi Belt but also created flattering drape on the hip area with the knit. Adding an oversized scarf also highlights the hourglass shape as it balances out the overall look with the drape Skirt.

2. Wearing a Shirt such as the Nubas Shirt under a knitted Top creates contrast textures and instantly elevates your outfit for more smart/casual occasions. 

3. Draping a contrast coloured scarf around your neck creates a focal point by framing the face nicely and also balances the proportion of Black from the Skirt to the lighter coloured knit. This is particularly great for top-heavy body shapes. 

Models height 165cm wears Et Al size 4.

Below we have put together some looks featuring the one sized Graze Jacket, Casta Cami and Wayen Short, more examples of how simple styling and accessorising can change the proportion and balance of an outfit.

1. The power of a statement necklace framed by a drape collar creates a focal point to your outfit, drawing attention to areas you want to highlight.

2. Draping scarves vertically can create a central elongating line to create a more flattering composition.

3. Garments with a belt help create an hourglass shape.

We hope you found this post helpful. For more styling tips, head into our stores for more styling advice from our staff or book in a Designer Styling Session.

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