During these times of COVID-19, Isolation can be challenging for many, but I must admit, I'm one who doesn't mind time to myself. Being told to stay at home on the couch, with a bottle of red, I think life could be a lot worse.
After designing for Christine for the last 12 years, I thought I'd let you get to know a bit more about me with a few snaps of my place of comfort.
Here I am chilling on the couch flicking the TV channel wearing my Kover Jacket from a couple of years ago. I don't wear it all the time, but I still love the texture and I always get complimented when I wear it.
When I moved apartments a few years ago, I got rid of my television so hadn't had one for 3 years, but after I decided not to go to the Australian Open this year I bought one thankfully, perfect timing with isolation. I eventually got through all the seasons of 'Orange is the New Black' and I really love real crime shows.
I only just started styling my apartment in the last 6 months and most of my friends said I was a squatter in my own house. Last year I was still sleeping on the mattress on the floor (which I do sometimes miss) and even lived without a fridge for 4 years, so it is a work in progress!!!
The iron sculpture above my couch was the first birthday present from my partner, purchased from Smith Street Bazaar.
The Picasso image is from the Picasso Museum during my holiday in Spain.
I love interesting textures, and to be honest I wasn't sure about the charcoal cushion (pictured left). I couldn't decide if it was a bit too grandma, but it was on sale and from a special capsule release from Muji, made from a Japanese Wool.
Like many people when travelling, I often try to buy something to remind me of my adventures, for the nostalgia! But really it's just a good excuse to buy something, and fragrances don't take much space in the suitcase.
I have been collecting fragrances for many years now and over the years my taste has evolved and my favourites often change depending on the season.
Like my clothing, I often like to layer my scents and my current favourite combination is 'SOUL' by Costume National and 'Close Up' by Olfactive Studio.
I definitely like the scents that sit in the Woody/Woody Oriental family of fragrances.
Particularly sentimental to me are the Beaufort London scents which I first discovered in a Perfumery in Barcelona and I knew we just had to have it in our stores.
Diane Pernet Paris 'To be Honest' is also a favourite which makes me reminisce on trips to Paris.
I use to wear around 10 rings a day, but I usually only wear one now so I only have a handful on my dresser. When I discovered Julia Fom, I knew we had to stock her leather pieces in store as I felt they complemented our garments so beautifully.
I love hats. I have been collecting them for many years. Most of my hats are from Reinhard Plank as I love their organic obscure shapes. I wear one which has a big chunk burnt out of the brim, and I would be very rich if I had a dollar for every dad joke I have heard! But the bonus of having other creative friends is getting custom pieces made including this statement piece (pictured below) by London Milliner Ian Bennett (Be Right Back, off to get Wine).
This hat is far too big for my tiny apartment so it stays at the studio, but I wore it to the Dior Gala at the NGV. It's now perfect for these times of social distancing.
Although it is not in my apartment, I thought I would mention it now as it is a timely reminder to support independent creatives where we can during these challenging times.
In the last few weeks of isolation I have tried to condense my wardrobe to a lots of miniature capsules. This is one small section with some of my absolute favourites. Of course there is a lot of Et Al Australia, but also investment pieces from Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons and Peachoo + Krejberg.
I also love finding interesting shoes when I travel, so some of my favourites include my Rick Owens sock boots from London, Kenzo platforms from Paris and Y3 trainers from Hong Kong. I've just added a new pair of Le Rue Marcel shoes I purchased in Melbourne from 124 Shoes.
My scent for my apartment is No 2 INDICA from Photogenics + Co.
Christine and I chose these to sell in stores because the presentation is so beautiful but the scent is just as good.
Top Notes: Cannabis-inspired essence, Bergamont.
Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Musk.
Bottom Notes: Marine, Ivy and Bay Leaf.
In isolation I am re-reading 'My Dear Bomb, Yohji Yamamoto'.
Here are some of my favourite wallets that I rotate. Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen, Jack London and Et Al Australia.
My place is scattered with candles, but I rarely burn them as I am not home that often, however they have been perfect for these times of isolation. 
'Wears black, loves dogs and avoids people' is pretty accurate, and a perfect gift from my friend Rose-Marie.
Artwork above my bed From left to Right
1. A photo from a road trip to Red Hill for my 36th birthday.
2. This painting I saw through the window of 69 Smith Street Gallery in Collingwood back in 2015. The gallery was closed and the exhibition had finished but I contacted the artist Liena Lay through social media channels. Due to circumstances, she didn't see my messages until December 2019 and she finally replied to my message. So 4 years later I was so excited to have this piece in my hands.
3. I think one of the most incredible experiences in my life was the Alexander McQueen exhibition I saw at the Victoria & Albert Museum and this is a postcard to remind me of that mind-blowing display of creativity.
4. This is a photo of my parents from their wedding day. I was lucky enough to be adopted by these wonderful people from an orphanage in the Philippines when I was 9 months old. 
Unlike Christine, cooking is NOT a favourite pastime of mine, in fact I love supporting my local restaurants, which means my pantry cupboard is put to good use with my collection of shoes.
Left to Right:
1. Photo from a trip to Noosa.
2. A photo from the filming of Project Runway Season 2 finale back in 2009.
3. An illustration of the initial concept of the large hat by Ian Bennett for the Dior exhibition. Ian made me this hat as I had previously collaborated with him on an outfit for the Millinery Award in 2016 during the Spring Carnival which he ended up winning.
Artwork by Hajii Yamamoto combining an image from my Project Runway winning Madison Magazine spread and my portrait. Surrounded by images of my favourite city in the world, Paris and my favourite bags.
So in between a few days at the studio, this is a little insight into where I have been staying in isolation and where I often sketch on a Sunday afternoon with the sun streaming in surrounded by my plants.
Very thankful to be healthy and taking this time to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.
Stay safe everyone, stay connected. 

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