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Hi everyone, it's Sam here.
I hope you have been well.
After finalising my last blog segment, focusing on layering, I thought I would continue to write about some different pieces which can be layered as well as worn on their own. In the hotter weather, staying cool is a priority for most and minimising the amount of clothes you wear often means making stylistic compromises. In this instance, that won’t be necessary as these pieces still allow room for creativity and differentiation in your summer outfits while regulating your temperature. If you are a practical shopper like me, these can be worn year-round when paired with your other Et Al pieces, making them staples in anyone’s wardrobe. Creating a summer uniform is simple with the shorts, pants and t-shirts and tanks I will be discussing.
Firstly, brand new t-shirts and tanks have arrived in the last week.
These are the Ojack Crew CS, the Dorian Crew CS and the Ricky Singlet OR.
The Ojack Crew CS is my personal favourite out of the two T-shirts.
It is a slim, long-line t-shirt block with a central seam, raw hems and edges with a side split creating effortless subtle drape. The centre coverstitch seam is very anatomical and geometric which sharpens the entire look. The fabric of this one is also quite special, being a cotton-spandex blend. It very easily stretches with movement for comfort, as well as allowing for unique fitment across a range of sizes. It also has a very crisp hand-feel. By sizing down, you can create a form-fitting style to slim-down any silhouette, or by sizing up you can create a boxier, oversized style which will hold its shape for a wider silhouette. This one comes in three colours, being Black, White and Ink – which is Navy adjacent. I tend to take a size 1 in this garment and Patrick (pictured) does the same. This t-shirt can be found HERE.
Secondly, another new block of t-shirt in the same fabric is the Dorian Crew CS.
This one is also longer in length and has a slim cut. The details differ, however, as this one has a diagonal finished hem with side splits. This perfectly juxtaposes any straighter lines in your outfit, creating unique geometrical interaction in your mid-section. Again, the same goes with the sizing for this one in the sense you can alter the fitment by going across a range of sizes. Personally, I like this one to be boxier, by sizing up, to create a sharper hem-line to offset any pants I may be wearing. The colour-way options of this one is the same in Black, White and Ink, but we have also introduced a new shade for this style. This new colour is Aubergine and is currently only available for this top. A gorgeous and rich deep purple is a perfect compliment to any darker outfits to incorporate a contrasting colour.
The shape and colour options make this t-shirt very dynamic and I will definitely be getting one for myself in the upcoming future. Patrick takes a size 2 in this one and it can be found HERE, perfectly paired with the Wrapper Short.
Lastly, for the tops, we have the Ricky Singlet OR.
This one is a great re-imagination of the Lanrick Tank CA which is one of my all-time favourites from Et-Al. The asymmetrical hem-line with raw-edges is perfect in my opinion, when also contrasted by the longer back hem. This creates a unique shape with the added side-seam splits as it allows them to rest wider apart. This implements a dynamic side-profile silhouette to any outfit. Sizing for this one is generous and again, sizing down will create a slimmer look whereas sizing up will relax the cut to your body allowing for alternate styling choices with trousers and others. The fabric of this one is an organic cotton blend which has a lofty and airy hand-feel which is perfect and light. It comes in only Black, but alternate fabrics are available in White, Navy and Khaki. I wear this one very often in a size 1 and it is my go-to for warmer weather. Patrick does the same and he wears a size 1. See all the Ricky Singlet options HERE.
Simply pop on a loose-fitting Linen Shirt such as the Yoke Shirt over your Tank and you have instantly elevated your outfit.
Some pants I will also be discussing are the Swerving Short and the Presley Pant.
First, I have my new favourite shorts, the Swerving Short, these Bermuda style shorts come in a Japanese brushed cotton fabrication with some added stretch.
The stretch allows for ease of movement and comfort. The brushed finished adds some irregularity to the texture which I personally love. The fabric is also medium-weight. My favourite detail however, is the asymmetrical exposed frontal button fly closure. It is perfectly juxtaposed by the opposite asymmetry of the Ricky Singlet OC as well as many others. The added front-facing pleats add a sharper element to a typically casual clothing item. These ones run true-to-size and I take a size 2 as shown HERE, paired with the Andres Singlet which is another personal favourite of mine.
Secondly, my all-time favourite pants came back in a full-size run. The Presley Pant is now available in every size and comes in an exceptional wool blend which is light and flowy and very wearable in Summer.
These are a wide leg, cropped length, zip-fly with drawstring and button closure which pair perfectly with any Et Al tops you may have and many more. There is also an exaggerated dropped crotch and an enlarged 3D box detail on the legs. I love these because I can wear them easily with tall boots or low-top sneakers and anything in between – they are my daily wearers. After cleaning these an extraordinary amount, they stand the test of time and are not showing any wear since I purchased them about a year ago. A true staple in any wardrobe and they can really boost any simpler outfit to a more exaggerated silhouette with so much added detail and shape in the lower bodily portion. I take a size 2 but can easily go up or down to wear it higher waisted or lower waisted respectively. These can be found HERE.
I hope you enjoyed perusing my article as much as I love writing about these wonderful garments and pieces. If any catch your attention please contact me via email, or with any other styling queries.
Have a wonderful day,
Your friend,

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